Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My New Media Class - So Far

As far as assignments go, I've been staying on top of them and getting things done by the due date. The blog works hasn't been too bad and the posts have actually been longer than I expected they would be when I started working on this blog. The Twitter assignment was probably the most memorable of the assignments because it had a more immediate feeling to it in the sense that I had to actively scan for new responses.

Wiki work is not progressing as quickly as I had hoped because of work in general keeping me from contributing as much as I would like. Proofreading and grammar changes are always useful, at least.

Research is difficult to an extent because a lot of the material I've found on Google Scholar is either irrelevant, boring, or a combination of the two. I did manage to find a few useful articles on that, however. The rest of my research was taken from reputable gaming info and news sites which, at least for the topic, are much more relevant and useful.


  1. I'm also surprise on how much I end up typing for the blogs.

  2. Your right, the research is a bit difficult but so far it's been pretty fun right?

  3. yea the wikis are a bit hard. I type what feels like a lot and I hit save and barely any text shows up.

  4. Your right, when i write my blog i don't realize how much i wrote til i post it and i tell myself really? this long? lol

    And research about the wiki, i feel that the information that we find are already there in wiki. And it is really hard to find new info.

  5. A long time since this was posted but still, it is true about the wiki though. The books I find are irrelevant because the topic is new and it has to be related to new media which is like the past few years. Well I got some stuff, will have to work it in to the wiki in the next few days!